Network Access Control

NAC Prevents unauthorized systems (non-compliance systems ) from accessing the corporate network, thereby reducing your attack surface

Next-Gen Firewall

Firewall block unwanted  incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the company predefine policies

Data Loss Prevention

DLP ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users

Software-defined Wide Area Network

With the aid of SD-WAN, enterprises can leverage any combination of transport services (MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services) to securely connect users to applications for optimal performance.

Secure Web Gateway

SWG protect enterprises against web threat and come into play filtering out unwanted web traffic based on the enforcement of company security policy

Email solution [Office365]

Absolutely reliable cloud-based email platform for your business

Class room and lab management

With class room and lab management solution, teachers can keep students engaged instead of spending time monitoring student activities, thereby achieving collaborative learning