We are an Information Technology solution provider that offer industry standard Infrastructure Management and Cybersecurity!

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We offer corporate businesses FREE CYBERSECURITY awareness training to arm employees with online-workspace safety tips to manage risk.

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We securely digitize businesses.

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About Us

We create flexible and collaborative work environment for businesses.

We improve businesses ROI and productivity via Information technology.

We secure businesses from threat like cyber criminals, disgruntle employees.



Office 365 (Email Infrastructure)

Enabling your workforce via enterprise standard, flexible, and collaborative communication platform for maximum productivity and ROI.

Network Design, Implementation, & Management (LAN & WAN)

Achieving competitive advantage with state-of-the-art network solution capable of speedy service delivery in today's fast-paced digital world

Microsoft Active Directory (On-Prem and Azure)

Employee management made easy with Microsoft Active Directory with centralized database for every employee in the environment.


Next-Gen Firewall

With Next-Gen Firewall, you filter out potentially malicious internet traffic from entering the network and restrict unproductive web access with visibility and control over user and application activities

Email Security

You automatically block email borne threat like spam, phishing, spoofing, malware, malicious email attachments, Business Email Compromise (BEC) thereby creating safe communication environment

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding multiple security layer to the conventional username and password authentication method. With MFA, you authenticate with the combination of what you KNOW (e.g, password), what you HAVE (e.g, phone app) and what you ARE (e.g, fingerprint)

Endpoint Security

Anti-malware to achieve: blocking of malware based attacks (ransomware, keylogger, viruses, trojans), fileless attacks, periodic endpoint scanning, Identification and containment of suspicious behavioral patterns


To ensure business continuity in case of an attack (e.g, randsomware), natural disaster, or data loss. Few minutes away from your company in case of any eventuality

Phishing Campaign/Staff Training

Arming your employee with cyber safety tips via periodic phishing campaign and cyber security awareness training

Vulnerability Assessment

scanning systems (servers, desktops, laptops) for vulnerability and installing necessary patches/update. At the same time verifying security posture of your environment

Physical Access Control And Security

Improving physical security of your investment with security doors (fingerprint, card access, facia scan access), CCTV

Network Access Control (NAC)

With our comprehensive NAC solution, your network is armed with full visibility into every connected devices and nodes (Mobile Phones, IP Cameras, Endpoints, Users, Routers, AccessPoints, Switches, etc) in your environment With a broadview of how these devices/nodes are connected and automatically block unauthorized or non-compliant phones based on established security policy.